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 Zachary Solomon, later known as Mal'akh, is the main antagonist of The Lost Symbol.


He was the son of Peter Solomon, a Freemason. After his father persuaded him to join the Masons, Zachary rebelled and ran away. He left, started abusing cocaine and was eventually imprisoned in Turkey. During his incarceration, he overheard his father talking to the prison warden, who suggested that get Zachary out of prison, he would require some money. Peter replied that he didn't want to teach Zach that everything was solved by money, refusing to pay the warden. After Zach heard all this, he hatched a plan with the warden. Zachary had an inmate killed, and they reported Zachary dead. Zachary betrayed the warden, killing him and leaving his body in the sea; he himself then moved to the Greek islands and renamed himself Andros Dareios which meant "wealthy warrior".

Andros Dareios[]

After prison, Andros Dareios fled to Greece. In Greece, Andros started reading, working out furiously, working on his tan and doing steroids. But after years of paradise, at the age of about twenty-five, he felt empty. He then saw on TV something about the legends of the Stonemasons, an ancient cult. After watching that, he decided to hunt down his father to achieve it.

The Death of Isabel Solomon[]

On Christmas Day, Andros entered Peter's home, masked, and demanded the pyramid. Peter said he didn't know what he was talking about. Angered, Andros shot and killed his own grandmother. Peter chased him down, and he was presumed dead when he fell in the freezing river. But Andros, now Mal'akh (an angel in Hebrew books), was alive and wanted revenge.


A few years later, Mal'akh hunted and found Professor Robert Langdon and asked him to come to Washington D.C., telling him it was his father's request. He had already kidnapped Peter and cut off his hand. And simultaneously was trying to kill his aunt Katherine Solomon and all of her research.

But Professor Langdon, with the aid of Katherine Solomon along with the CIA director Inoue Sato and Architect Warren Bellamy, eventually thwarted Mal'akh's plans by following the instructions of the archaic "Pyramid of the Masons" Which was rumoured to hold secrets direction towards the Ancient Mysteries, to whoever understood would give unfathomable powers. But Mal'akh, having already kidnapped his father, commanded Peter to kill him. And then gave him the truth: he was Peter's presumed dead son.

Zachary "Mal'akh" Solomon was killed when helicopters came and accidentally sprayed glass to the floor. Later, his soul was was sucked away by the evil entities who were presents in the sacrifice chamber.