Xavia was a marine geologist who served on Michael Tolland's ship, the Goya. Rachel Sexton, Michael, and Corky Marlinson are flown to the ship and meet her as they need help to figure out why a group of assassins are following them and where the meteorite came from. The four discover it came from a part of the ocean where the depth was so great that the pressure would make the rock seem like it was from space. The Coast Guard pilot comes in and warns the four that the radar has gone dead and all transmitions have been jammed. Rachel says they need to leave and as the five make it out onto the Goya's deck, the Delta Force helicopter comes out and opens fire at the five. The pilot and Xavia make it on board the Coast Guard helciopter when the Delta force fires a missile at the chopper, causing an explosion which kills the pilot and Xavia and strands the three scientists on the Goya.

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