eHi all, I think Dan Brown has once again captured a surreal (San Greal) book. I've nearly finishied "The Lost Symbol" and I love it. I thought at first it was a bit rushed, but it made me realise how a writer works. I watched Tony Robinson Do his thing and as much I love Baldrick and the work he does, I felt I still needed to read the book no matter what the conspiritors think.I'm not saying I beleave all that was printed but Dan Brown's story of the Mason's but it is in fact "Fiction" just like any other book / Satanic Rytes, the Kuran, the Bible. We all have a reason to read a book but we all have a faith to reason if we need to belive what it says. it's really good. I actually know a Mason but I won't for his belief let you know who that is. I also know someone who as a craftperson (Carpenter/builder) that found a strange door in the city center of Bradford, high above in a loft space of a quiet building. After moving quite a few bits of crap he found this panel was actually very ornate and as he was a carpenter realised it may be a door of some kind. That was it but years later it turned out to be a Lodge for "Aleister Crowley"s "Horus 5"

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