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 Rèmy Legaludec is the butler of Sir Leigh Teabing and lives in Château Villette. During the DCPJ investigation of Teabing's residence, his fingerprints were discovered, and a subsequent background check revealed that he had been expelled from university for trying to obtain free services, later turning to petty theft, and failed to pay a hospital bill for an emergency tracheotomy caused by an anaphylactic shock reaction a severe peanut allergy. Before the ending of the story, he is the only person who knows Teabing's secret identity as The Teacher, the mysterious figure who instructs Bishop Manuel Aringarosa and Silas to do his bidding in order to retrieve a keystone, which enables him to find the legendary Holy Grail.

When Robert Langdon, framed suspect of the murder of Jacques Saunière, and Saunière's granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, visit Teabing late at night to seek for help, Teabing willingly accepts, and the three escape via Teabing's private jet along with Rèmy and Silas (who trespassed into the house and was tied up). At Teabing's orders, Rèmy drives them to the Temple Church in London. Teabing, Langdon and Sophie enter, giving an opportunity for Rèmy to conduct a fake kidnapping scene, in which he reveals to Silas that he is also working for the Teacher and instructs him to kidnap Teabing and leave by their limousine. However, Rèmy panics when Langdon threatens to destroy the keystone and shows his face. Although the kidnapping scene was still successful, Teabing knew he had to get rid of Rémy to prevent himself from being suspected in the future. After calling Silas to go away for some rest, he kills Rèmy by putting some peanut powder in his cognac, triggering his peanut allergy.

In the film, his name is changed to Rèmy Jean and is portrayed by Jean-Yves Berteloot. However, in the extended edition of the film, he is referred to as Rèmy Legaludec by Lieutenant Jérôme Collet.

Besides having his name changed, Rèmy's story is also slightly altered in the film. In the novel, he told Silas that he was a follower of the Teacher, but in the film he lies to Silas that he himself was the Teacher. Later on, he is not killed by Teabing in the car, but at a wasteland opposite London's Millennium Dome. The film also does not specifically imply that he was killed by peanut powder. While drinking from a flask, he goes into convulsions and dies.

In the extended edition of the film, there is a new scene in which Lieutenant Jérôme Collet mentions that Rèmy is allergic to peanuts.