The Path of Illumination is a trail of four locations called the Altars of Science, containing works of art which point to the Church of Illumination in Rome, the secret meeting place of the Illuminati. Each of the sculptures relates to one of the then perceived elements of nature Earth, Air, Fire, Water and were made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Altars of ScienceEdit

Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo - The first altar of science is a tribute to earth and it in the Chigi Chapel in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo. The chapel was called Capella della Terra — Chapel of the Earth. This was designed by Raphel Santi. The first marker inside the chapel is Bernini's Habakkuk and the Angel.

Saint Peter’s Square - The second altar of science is a tribute to air. The Square was designed by Bernini. The second marker is ia marble elliptical block at the base of the monolith in St. Peter's Square, and on that block is a relief, a two-dimensional sculpture, of an angel with a blowing gust of wind.

Santa Maria della Vittoria - The third altar of science is a tribute to fire. The third marker is The Ecstasy of St. Teresa.

Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi - The fourth altar of science is a tribute to water. The fourth marker is a single bronze dove on top of the obelisk and points to the Church of Illumination, the Castel Sant'Angelo.

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