Jacques Saunière (Saint-Clair) is the curator of the Louvre, head of the secret Priory of Sion and grandfather of Sophie Neveu. Before being murdered in the museum by Silas, an albino monk tasked by Sir Leigh Teabing, he reveals false information to Silas about the Priory's keystone, which contains information about the true location of the Holy Grail. After being shot in the stomach, Saunière uses the last minutes of his life to arrange a series of clues for his estranged granddaughter, Sophie, to unravel the mystery of his death and preserve the secret kept by the Priory of Sion. Sophie had apparently seen Saunière perform a sex ritual named Hieros Gamos, so she is furious at him. Although his granddaughter's rage makes her never talk to him again, she understands the truth afterwards. Although his part is small in the novel, he is the one that sets the events that follow in motion. He was actually a descendent of Jesus Christ but due to the vatican's wrath he was forced to change his surname.

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